Night Guards in Westmont, IL: Smile Solution for Treating TMJ


Do you wake up in the mornings with a headache or soreness in your jaw? Grinding and teeth clenching are common signs of TMJ disoreders. Eventually, these symptoms can result in damage to your teeth and gums. If you have any signs of bruxism, it’s a good idea to talk to our Westmont Smiles Dental team immediately.

Night guards, also known as mouth guards, offer a simple solution that helps to relax the jaw while you are sleeping. Not only will wearing a night guard prevent tooth damage, but many people find that the quality of their sleep improves when they are wearing a night guard.

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Why a Night Guard Is Essential for TMJ

Nearby, at Westmont Smiles Dental, we understand the importance of protecting your teeth, which is why we offer custom-fitted solutions such as a dental night guard or mouth guard for sleeping to address issues like teeth grinding. Our custom-made dental guards provide a comfortable fit and serve as an effective mouth guard for grinding teeth, preventing damage caused by bruxism during sleep. By wearing a dental night guard, patients can experience a significant reduction in the negative effects of teeth grinding, ensuring a better night’s sleep and preserving their oral health

If you have any issues with your jaw, then there is a good chance that a night guard can help to relieve your symptoms. This customized dental device is designed to fit over the bite surfaces of your teeth. As a result, the jaws are separated, and you can avoid clenching and grinding while sleeping. A custom-made teeth guard is the best solution since every patient’s bite, and teeth alignment is unique.

Here are some of the benefits patients enjoy when they are using night guards:

  • Avoid Tooth Damage: Grinding and clenching take a toll on your teeth and can result in severe damage over time. Wearing a night guard stops your teeth from grinding together at night. As a result, you can protect your teeth and minimize damage to chewing surfaces.
  • Save Money: Even though there is an upfront cost for buying a mouth guard for teeth grinding, consider all the money you will save in future restorative dentistry services. Crowns, fillings, and tooth loss are not only inconvenient, but the cost of these treatments can add up. A night guard offers the protection you need to avoid tooth damage that can result in a need for some of these treatments.
  • Relieve TMJ Symptoms: No need to live with headaches and jaw pain. If you have TMJ, then bruxism is likely causing uncomfortable symptoms every day. Many patients find that these symptoms are less noticeable when they are wearing a night guard for TMJ.

Why a Custom-Fit Night Guard from a Local Dentist

Even though there are over-the-counter night guards that you can find at any local pharmacy, these products don’t compare to the results you can achieve with a custom-fit night guard. The truth is that these low-cost products sometimes cause additional dental complications because they can result in additional dental concerns and bite misalignment.

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